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Lighting Maintenance and Cleaning

Lighting Maintenance and Lighting Cleaning Service

Dirty lighting fixtures make your facility look dark and uninviting, but SafetyTec's lighting maintenance and cleaning service can fix that!

In addition, our lighting maintenance and cleaning services will save you money on energy bills. We can even re-lamp lighting for you while our technicians clean. As a result, this reduces the need to coordinate with multiple vendors. 

We will help you solve several areas of facility maintenance. For instance, Acoustical Ceiling Restoration, Open Structure Cleaning, Walls, and other areas of Specialty Cleaning. Also, this includes the cleaning and maintenance of your Lighting System.

We combine our specialty cleaning services to deliver more for less for our customers. Additionally, this helps to improve your facility's appearance. Lastly, we guarantee that our work exceeds all codes and standards.

“SafetyTec’s quality of work is top-notch. The customer service and thoroughness of service is great, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”
Hangar One Steakhouse
Chef Richard Patton

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