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Are you in need of a ceiling tile cleaning? Dirty ceiling tiles diminish the look of your restaurant, business or facility. SafetyTec's acoustic ceiling tile cleaning service will help improve the look of your business. In addition, it will stop "dirt depreciation" and restore your ceiling to like-new condition.

Acoustical ceilings and open structures require a more intense cleaning method. This is a result of cooking oils being heated to the point that they become a fume and rise with the air. And, once they come into contact with a surface, they accumulate and cool.

The organic substances contain sufficient moisture to be an attractive medium for microbial growth. For example, bacteria and mold spores exist everywhere at all times without exception.

The only possible way to control levels is to control the moisture required for them to grow. If oils are allowed to accumulate, condensation from the hot oils is sufficient moisture. And, the oil is a good source of organic material used as a food source.

Therefore, SafetyTec offers the National Ceiling Cleaning Maintenance Program to our customers. This program helps solve several areas of facility maintenance. For example, Acoustical Ceiling Restoration, Open Structure Cleaning, Lighting Maintenance, Wall Cleaning, and other areas of Specialty Cleaning

With our National Maintenance Programs, your facility's appearance will improve. More importantly, this helps improve operational expenses of contracting, coordinating, and dealing with several vendors.

First, tell us about your needs. Then, we will provide a maintenance program that best suits you and your facility. We have Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual National Maintenance Programs available.

“SafetyTec does a great job for us, and they are a very professional organization. SafetyTec gives us the assurance that the job gets done correctly.”
Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
Scott Redler, COO & Co-Founder

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